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Earl Grey vs. London Breakfast

50 delicious tea bags in one awesome pink gift box with …

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  • This brand new gift set is unique to The London Tea Company.

    It contains two draws containing 50 individually wrapped teabags: 25 of our Award Winning London Breakfast and 25 of our delicious Earl Grey.

    This is the perfect gift for the tea lover and can be refilled once the stash runs out! Just go back to our website shop to browse which envelope flavours you want to try!

    Tasting notes:

    London Breakfast
    Our London Breakfast tea is a blend of two black teas, a rich malty Assam grown on the banks of Brahmaputra River in Northern India and Kenyan tea grown the highlands, west of the Rift Valley. London Breakfast is the perfect, bright and lively breakfast brew; an ideal way to start your day and its Fairtrade!

    Earl Grey
    Our Earl Grey is a blend of two bright black teas from Ceylon and the Nilgiris in South India. To this, we have added natural bergamot to give the blend a refreshing citrus aroma.

    This gift box contains 50 enveloped teabags, 25 of each flavour.

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