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#NEWYEARNEWTEA – January Blog and Purple Tea!

A fresh start! 2016 was an unforgettable and busy year for us here at The London Tea Company. We launched our new website, brought out a new limited-edition product and attended more events such as Ta...

How To Make The Perfect Ice Tea #4

For every 5 rainy days during British summer, there is a sunny one. We don’t know when it might come but what we do know is that we need to be prepared with a delicious pitcher of iced tea when it d...

Black Tea Blog 2

10 Things You Need To Know About Black Tea #3

Tea School # 3 What is Black Tea exactly? We’re not referring to a cuppa without milk, we’re getting technical here. Read up on our ten bite sized chunks of tea facts and you’ll be amazed at...

Tea Party Blog2

15 Ways To Host A Really Boring Tea Party #2

15 Ways To Host A Really Boring Tea Party Are you planning a gathering with a twist? Bored of doing fun things? Are you in need of some inspiration for your annoying sister in law’s baby shower?  W...