15 Ways To Host A Really Boring Tea Party #2

15 Ways To Host A Really Boring Tea Party

Are you planning a gathering with a twist? Bored of doing fun things? Are you in need of some inspiration for your annoying sister in law’s baby shower?  Why not host a totally tedious tea party for you and whoever is brave enough to come?

  1. Get out a load of yellow doilies and place them around the house. Have one strategically placed on your table as a conversation starter
  2. Invite some distant relatives
  3. Invite the neighbours that always wants to talk about their pets or the local council
  4. Paint your own teapot and wait to use it
  5. Pop in some dusty, out of date tea bags
  6. Play the classic game, “Guess how long the kettle will take to boil”
  7. Read an excerpt from “The Trumpet of the Swan” or “Roger Red Hat and Billy Blue hat”
  8. Discuss the weather until your tea turns cold
  9. Make sure you drink your tea cold
  10. List your favourite biscuits and in order of crumminess
  11. Get out your carpet and paint samples and ask which kind of beige your guests prefer
  12. Make your guests wait until its dark before they can leave so that you can show them your new curtains
  13. Laugh at your own joke (just the one)
  14. Make paper aeroplanes to pop on the mantel piece
  15. Don’t have any fun